Galaxia -  Sailor Moon UV Glitter Collection. 

♡ yellow- Sailor Moon
♡ Green - Sailor Jupiter
♡ blue - Sailor Mercury
♡ Orange - Sailor Venus
♡ hot pink - Sailor Mars
♡ hot magenta- Sailor  Chibi Moon

How to APPLY by using a primer on your skin and then applying the glitter. Gently pat the glitter into the base while still wet to secure the flakes. You can also mix the fine glitter with a glitter gel before applying to skin. To use on your hair, mix the glitter with a hair gel or aloe gel and then apply with either a comb or paint brush. 
How to REMOVE the glitter by using a cotton pad soaked with baby oil or your favorite makeup remover. Please make sure to dispose all glitter products properly in the trash, DON'T WASH ANY GLITTER DOWN THE SINK OR DRAIN. 
How to TEST any new cosmetic product on a small area before using the product. We use the same polyester material and cosmetic-safe pigments as our fine cosmetic grade glitter for our Chunky Glitters, but always be careful when using large particles around your eyes. If the glitter enters your eye, rinse immediately- if the irritation persists, seek medical help.

Galaxia Sailor Moon Collection | Cosmetic UV Fine glitter

Galaxia - Sailor Moon Collection
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